Dad jewellery is going on sale in Ireland

The father of a jewellery shop in Co Clare is selling a range of feather jewellery.

He said he is selling the items on eBay because they are “fancy”, and they are meant to “show off” his jewellery collection.

“I’m very pleased with them.

I’m happy to sell them.

They’re quite unique,” Mr Kostas Kostopoulos said.”

It’s a very good opportunity for a small business, it’s a good opportunity to attract business.”

Mr Kostos said he would like to keep the collection “for as long as possible”.

“It is not the right time for me to sell it,” he said.

Mr Kossopoulos said he has not yet started the auction.

“The auction is going to be in April.

We’re looking at what we can do to make it a success,” he added.”

There are other items that we have sold, and we are looking at those as well.”

Mr Kosopoulos said his collection has grown to about 1,000 pieces, and he had “tens of thousands” of feathers in it.

“My son has a lot of feathers, but we’ve only been collecting feathers for the last two years,” he explained.

“We have some beautiful feathers that he has collected, but the collection is much bigger.”

Mr Poulos said his father’s business is “a big success”.

“We’re very proud of the business,” he admitted.

“You don’t realise how much money we have, and I think the people who come in are really grateful to us.”