How to make jewellery without the hassle of buying it online

Chinese jewellery retailer Nihao jewellers is taking a gamble with a crowdfunding campaign that aims to attract more people to its online store.

The company aims to raise $250,000 (£190,000) in a month through a “Kickstarter-like” campaign.

The crowdfunding website launched on Thursday, and has so far raised $831,971 (£660,000).

“We’re going to try to reach the $2 million mark,” said Nihao’s founder, Li Yu, on stage during a launch event on Thursday night.

The business, which is based in Hong Kong, has been attracting interest for years.

Li says the company’s product range includes necklaces, necklacing rings and necklaced earrings.

“I think people have really been intrigued by the brand,” he said.

“We have a lot of customers that have never heard of us before and we think that they will find a lot more value from us as they buy from us.”

“Our customers are people who have a certain level of expertise, so we have a very broad range of customers,” he added.

Li said the business had recently expanded its offerings, offering a range of jewellery including necklace rings, earrings, ear and bracelet rings.

“Our products are not only very good, but also unique and expensive,” he continued.

“This means we have to try new things to try and attract new customers.”

The campaign was launched with the slogan “No need to buy online” in mind.

The jewellery company’s online store is only accessible through the company website, which offers a range, including earrings and bracelet links.

“If you want to purchase a ring, it will come in our online store,” Li said.

The founder said that, although he had not yet taken the campaign to the next level, the campaign had already raised around $250 of its target of $2m.

He added that the online store, which will be available on the Chinese version of the platform, had seen a significant increase in activity in the last month.

“People are really interested in the brand and the product,” he told the audience.

The campaign aims to help Nihao “develop more of its business into the retail market” and help the company grow its business.