How to buy diamond nipple jewelled earrings for less than $1,000

A diamond nipple necklace with a jewel embedded in it for less then $1 million is a rare item in Australia.

“This is one of the most rare things we sell,” says Sarah Harkness, a jewellery maker at The Jewelers Group in Sydney.

The jewel is embedded in a small diamond and it’s made of white gold.

A diamond nipple earring is also available in platinum, gold and diamond.

If you’re interested in purchasing the nipple jewel, you can visit The Jeweler’s Group store online.

You can buy it for $1.99 and $5.99 for the necklace alone, or you can pick up a set for $20,000.

The jewel that’s embedded in the pearl-sized pearl is a diamond that’s worth $US12 million.

The pearl pearl necklace, which is also called a gem pearl necklace or diamond pearl necklace.

It’s a gem diamond necklace that can be purchased for up to $US15 million.

It can also be purchased as a set with a diamond.

You can see how it looks and feel in our Jewelers gallery, which shows some of the world’s most stunning jewellery.