Ice london jewels sale for $3,800,000

A $3.1 million ice london sale is set to start this morning.

The jewelers are selling their pieces to the highest bidder and expect to fetch up to $4 million.

The sale is one of the largest in the capital and is expected to attract as much as 2,000 people to the area. 

In recent years, the auction house has been selling jewellery to celebrities such as the singer Christina Aguilera and comedian Chris Rock.

The auction has been taking place since June and includes a range of fine pieces. 

The auctioneer for the auction is Simon Jones who said he had never seen such a big sale before.

“We’re hoping that we’ll be able to attract up to 2,500 people for the event,” he said.

The sale is taking place at the Sheraton Hotel, just off the King’s Road, and will run until June 27.

It is being held in partnership with the London Ice Show, which runs every other weekend.

This morning, some of the pieces will be up for grabs for sale in a bid to raise money for the charity that provides the Ice Show.

You can see the full list of items at the jewellery shop on the Sheron website.

More to come.