Carrie elizabeth, kundan, jewellery market

AUSTRALIA’s newest celebrity, Carrie Elizabeth, will be in Australia this week for a few days to promote her new jewellery company.

Elizabeth was recently revealed to be an Australian citizen, but it was never clear whether she’d be attending the upcoming launch of the company’s line of 18th century gold-embroidered rings.

The singer will also be the guest of honour at a special jewellery event at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday night.

Carrie Els is expected to unveil her new jewelry line on Friday, October 17, the day after the coronavirus pandemic officially ended.

The announcement comes just days after Els performed her hit song ‘Kundan’, which has been seen by millions around the world.

The song has already been used to promote a number of other charities and has also been used in a number a fashion shows.

Els said she was excited to have her company in Australia and would be taking part in an event with Australian celebrities.

“This is something that I am very excited about, and it is something I am so proud of,” she said.

“I think the whole world is really excited and it just really feels like an amazing day for everyone.”

The new jewellers will be called ‘The Royal Albert’.

The name is an homage to Queen Victoria who was the first monarch to hold a gold ring.

Els said her company had a strong connection with the Australian population.

“The people of Australia, the Australian people, are really, really supportive of us and they have always been a huge part of us, so I just want to take that from there,” she told Nine News.

The Royal Victoria will be one of several new products from Els that will be showcased in Australia in the coming months.

She has also announced a number other collaborations with famous Australians including actor Jamie Foxx and singer Lady Gaga.

Last week, Els unveiled a line of 19th century British gilt ring-embellished diamonds in celebration of her 18th Birthday.

A spokesperson for Els told the brand would also launch its 18th anniversary jewellery line in the United States in the next couple of months.

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