‘Tarinika’ Jewelry Sets First in the US for Female Role Model

The world’s first female jewelry set featuring pearls, gems, and precious stones has been launched by a Chinese manufacturer in the United States.

The new Tarinika set features pearls and diamonds that have been dyed with pearls to mimic the shape of pearls.

The brand, called Tariwan, said it had been designing the sets for about two years, but launched them in November and announced the launch on Tuesday.

It says it will sell the sets at an event in Los Angeles in early December, with a price tag of $20,000 each. 

The set is named after the character in the movie Tarkovsky’s film “Tarkovsky”.

“Our goal is to give a voice to girls and girls in the world and encourage them to express themselves,” the company’s chief executive, Jin Wang, said.

“Tarinikas are very special and they’re very precious.

This is an important step in the evolution of the industry.”

The set includes an intricate design for each pearl and a set of diamonds, which are meant to reflect the shape and color of each gemstone.

The pearls are not a new concept, as Tariyan has a number of other pearls that have different colors. 

But the company said it chose to use pearls because they have been used in the jewellery industry for many years.

“They are an icon in the jewelry world,” Wang said.

The company said the pearl color is meant to represent the way a pearl can grow and grow, as it grows it produces a softer pearl that can then be used for other kinds of jewelry.

“We wanted to show that a pearl can grow to a different size than the ones that are currently available,” Wang added.

“It’s very important for girls to express their own style and their own uniqueness and individuality.”

The jewellery was created in partnership with Tiffany and sold in a limited number of stores in the country, including in Los Angels, San Francisco, New York City, Miami, Las Vegas and Seattle.