When it comes to fun jewellery eBay is selling a ton of jewellery for real, including gold, diamonds and gems

eBay is giving you the chance to buy jewellery that was once a luxury item only for a handful of people, according to a new report.

The online auction site has just released its 2017 list of “most authentic” items, and for the first time, the company has offered a glimpse at some of the most interesting pieces.

This year’s list includes the “most valuable” items from the top-selling categories, such as jewelry boxes, watch bands, watch faces and watch straps.

There are plenty of interesting pieces on the list, too, such a replica of a gold-plated watch band, a diamond ring from a 1950s gold-coloured watch, and a diamond bracelet with a diamond and pearls inside.

One of the rarest things to see is a “wonderfully rare” diamond ring made by a jeweller in China, according the report.

A few weeks ago, the same jeweller took on a challenge of selling $2 million worth of diamonds on eBay.

Some of the items on the auction site’s most valuable list this year include a gold watch band and a piece of gold-framed art.

Many of the more expensive pieces are made by hand.

One of the best sellers is a $1 million gold bracelet with gold plated laces.

It is one of the few pieces in the entire catalogue that is handmade.

It has a diamond embedded in the clasp, and it has a “jewel” on the clasp.

A watch band made by jeweller Keng Ching is one example of an item that looks so good, it could be a diamond, according Toffee.

Another jewel is a diamond-filled watch strap that was made by the Hong Kong-based jewellery company Dalian.

And last year, eBay offered a rare piece of jewellry for a collector of rare pieces.

A $1,100 diamond ring with the word “Diamond” engraved in red.

I love to wear my gold watch.

It makes me happy.

– Dalian jewellery director, Sohie Lee, on the diamond-studded watch band.

In the last few years, eBay has introduced a number of new categories for sellers to find the best items, including the “gold”, “gold-plating”, “watch” and “jewellery” categories.

But the new list also includes a number items that are rare and expensive.

One item on the 2017 list is a watch band that is the first in a series that includes a diamond.

On eBay, the best seller is a £1,500 watch bracelet made by German jeweller Horst-Werner-Baur.

For a jewellery box, you need to be a specialist to find an item on this year’s “most genuine”.

There are other rare items on this list that have never been on eBay before.

Ebay said it has added “featured” and premium categories in its 2017 “most valued” list to highlight the items that can make you feel special.

The listings have been created by adding a star in the upper right-hand corner of each listing. 

More:  “This year, we have added a few special items that we would not normally have been able to list, such an ‘extremely rare’ gold watch, a £400 watch band with the words ‘Diamond’ and a ‘real diamond’ bracelet from China.

These are only the tip of the iceberg, but we are really proud of the collection we have assembled,” eBay’s chief executive, Julie Foley, said in a statement.

“The most authentic and valuable items on our list will not only bring people great joy, but will help us continue to bring you the best experiences possible on eBay.”

This article was updated on Friday July 8 at 10:50am to reflect that the price for this item is $1.35 million.