Wedding rings can be bought in a variety of colours and sizes. Here’s how to choose the right one for you!

The traditional wedding ring is usually a bright, shiny, gold or silver, and is usually decorated in a pattern that resembles a flower, or the pattern of a bird.

In recent years, a lot of designer jewellery brands have begun to offer a range of beautiful and affordable wedding rings that are more affordable than the traditional ones.

The most popular wedding ring brands include:  Lion Brand,  Marathon, Cocoa, Aubergine, Kawasaki, Papillon, The Wedding Ring Company, Bachelorette, Couples & Wives.

For the price of a traditional ring, you can get a lot more bang for your buck with an affordable designer wedding ring that is suitable for both the traditional and contemporary wedding rings.

Designer wedding rings can also come in a range from the simple to the expensive, but it is important to note that these expensive wedding rings are not as durable as the simple wedding rings and do not come with an additional warranty.

Below are the 10 best designer wedding rings for both men and women.


Marathon (Designer Wedding Ring) Designers wedding rings have become increasingly popular over the last few years.

Many of the designers have a history of being a designer jeweller, and they are the designers that most people will recognise when they see a branded name on their wedding rings, such as The Wedding Band Company, Bachelorettes Club, Darling &amp.

Leather, Marriott, Coconut Club, and many more.

Marathon are known for their classic designs and are famous for their beautiful and stylish rings. 

Their range of designer wedding bands range from £150 for men, to £1,000 for women.

The designer rings are designed to make your wedding special.


Marion’s Designer Ring Designing with marion’s is one of the most versatile wedding planning opportunities, and this company has created an array of designer rings for all occasions, from formal weddings to informal celebrations, and every wedding needs a customisable ring for its unique style.

Their designs are unique, and their range of designer rings is truly breathtaking, from elegant circles, to simple, and colourful rings, to elegant, and elegant bridesmaids rings.


Cocooned Designers Wedding Rings Designs like to keep things simple, so these designer wedding rings are perfect for formal weddings, formal events, or a simple, simple day. 

Cochin are known as the designer of the wedding ring market, and have a vast range of designs, ranging from elegant, to functional, and modern.

Their range of wedding rings is perfect for both formal and casual occasions.


Marriott Design designer wedding jewellers like to design a wide range of rings for each bride and groom, so they offer the perfect choice for all styles. Marriotts design designer wedding band range has been designed with the groom in mind.

They have designed rings for men and ladies to be perfect for men or women who are both wedding planning and wedding day planners.


Coffee, Wine, and Cigarettes Design and design wedding jeweller coffee, wine, and cigarette rings can have a great range of options, with brands like Marquet, Marquis, Casino, and Cobalt making their mark on the market.


Capehart Design, designer wedding jewelers Capehart are renowned for their jewellery designs and the range of styles available to them.

Capehart range of designers wedding rings range from a simple white ring to a beautifully decorated, gold, silver or blue ring, with more to come.


Coral Gables Wedding Jewelers Design designers wedding jewelling is a great option for a simple day, as well as for the wedding day.

There are many designers wedding ring styles that will suit all wedding types.

Coral Gardens are known to be the design designer of wedding jewells, and with their range, you will find a perfect range of Wedding Rings for both modern and traditional wedding rings styles.


Cobra Wedding Jewelry Design, Designer Wedding Jeweler Whether you are looking for a very simple and simple wedding, or for a more modern and modern wedding, Cobras wedding jewelled rings are available in different styles to suit your style.

Cobras range of Designer Wedding Rings range from elegant and simple, to luxurious and sophisticated, to beautiful and elegant.


Lion, Marlin, and Jaguar Design and designer wedding wedding jewelers have come a long way since the day of their invention.

Lion, Marlins, Jaguar and