Gold, Silver and Platinum jewellery set to be a trend

Gold, silver and platinum jewellery will be a big trend for the next decade, with many brands launching a range of items based on their iconic designs.

The trend will see many of the biggest brands in the industry make the leap from designer jewellery to their own line of products, with designer labels and their own brands of jewellery expected to make up a big chunk of the range.

Many of the world’s top jewellers have already released jewellery based on designs from the Star Wars series, including Marc Jacobs, designer jeweller Michael Kors and designer Louis Vuitton, which has released its own line based on Star Wars’ iconic designs in 2017.

Some of the major brands are already creating their own jewellery inspired by their designs, with Chanel, for example, having created an entirely new range of pieces based on the iconic designs of Princess Leia and Darth Vader.

It is hoped the trend will continue in the years to come, with the most recognisable designs appearing on more jewellery items in the coming years.

“Star Wars has been an enduring and iconic piece of jewing history, with fans from all over the world taking inspiration from it in their daily lives, and with the release of the first new Star Wars product since 1999, the trend is sure to continue,” said Kristian Williams, managing director of jeweller Ziffren Brittenham, who is also a partner at jewellery designer Richard Branson.

“It’s clear from our recent survey that Star Wars fans are the most obsessed with the designs, and the iconic elements of the Star Trek universe are at the heart of their designs,” he said.

Ziffren’s Williams is a fan of Star Wars, and he has long been obsessed with Star Wars.

He said he has noticed a huge difference in how the industry views the character and his designs over the years.

He added: “When I first got to London in 1999, I was one of the few people in London who had never seen a Star Wars movie or seen any Star Wars merchandise, so when I saw a new Star Trek Star Wars T-shirt, I instantly knew what it was.”

My first impression was that it was a Star Trek fan’s dream.

“I loved Star Wars for all the things that it did for me, and I loved that I was able to wear a Star War inspired shirt to the airport.”

Ziffrebs Williams, who has also worked with fashion designer Ralph Lauren, added: “”As a designer, I really enjoy making something that reflects my personal style, and that is something I love about Star Wars and the franchise as a whole.

“I’m so happy that it is now possible to wear my own Star Wars inspired designs at the airport, and it will be the first of many to be made in my own unique fashion.”