A woman gets a tattoo of her pet cat in the style of a ‘Gutsy’ image

Posted September 08, 2018 07:09:23A tattoo artist has been inspired by a young woman to create a piece of art inspired by the ‘Guts and all that’ look of American film and television stars.

Key points:Diana Tazhayeva is a tattoo artist from Azerbaijan who specializes in ‘GUTSY’ designsArt has been designed using an ‘agile’ style, said the tattoo artistDiana was inspired by an Instagram post in which the model, who is not her real name, posted a picture of herself with a cat.

“She was sharing her cat with a caption ‘You can’t say you’re cute when you’re ugly’,” Ms Tazhyova told ABC News.

“I’m really happy that someone has made a beautiful and original piece of artwork that combines two of my favourite things.”

The piece of design is titled ‘Guto’, a nod to the popular Russian film character.

“It is a piece that’s an homage to a very important character, Guto,” Ms Tazaeva said.

“Gutty is one of the most iconic and famous characters in Russian cinema, so I thought it would be fun to take a very popular Russian character and make it into a tattoo design.”

The design was made by Mr Tazhaeva using a technique called ‘agility’.

“I was just looking at a lot of Instagram photos of people and seeing what other people were doing, and I saw that there was a lot going on,” he said.”[I] was just inspired by that.”

So I thought I would give it a try and see how it turned out.

“The tattoo was inspired after an Instagram user named Diana Tazhieva posted a photo of herself and her cat in a photo shoot in which she is wearing a gingham dress.

The post was shared thousands of times and was viewed thousands of time more than the photo itself.

The design has been received positively and is being offered for sale through the internet tattoo shop, Gucci Jewellery.”

In this world there is always a new trend, but for me it is the ‘Gucci Gucci Guppy’ style,” Ms Dzharova said.

She said the style is being used to sell a range of items including jewelry, necklaces and scarves, and is expected to be available for purchase in the next few weeks.”

The Gucci style is really popular in the United States,” Ms Svetova said, adding that there are even some people who are selling it in countries such as the United Kingdom and France.”

Gucci is one brand that we love, but I guess it’s the same as the American Gucci fashion trend,” she said.

Mr Tazharova is working on creating a similar piece for sale on Gucci’s online shop, with the aim of reaching more customers.