Apple Pay may have a killer app

Apple Pay has been around for quite some time, but the company has been slowly adding new functionality over the last few months.

One of the more notable features is that Apple Pay will accept Apple Pay credit cards, which is a big deal for those looking to spend at stores with a physical checkout.

There’s also an option to use the app to make purchases, and now that Apple is officially offering support for Apple Pay at some stores, it seems that the service is getting a little more attention than it was just a few months ago.

According to a recent blog post by a spokesperson for Apple, the company is working to add support for credit cards to Apple Pay.

The spokesperson noted that ApplePay supports credit cards on the following Apple Pay apps: Apple Pay – Apple Pay support is available in some Apple Pay app versions that include a $10 charge for Apple Watch purchases.

Apple Pay for Mac – ApplePay support is also available in Apple Pay Mac apps.

ApplePay – Apple Payments support is enabled on some iOS and Mac apps, and it is enabled for some Mac apps on Apple Pay webpages.

Apple Pay support for Mac apps has been available since the start of this year, but Apple Pay was the first payment app to support credit cards in the Mac App Store.

The latest update for ApplePay to support Apple Credit cards is now available, but this is only a small update.

In addition to support for a credit card, the spokesperson noted the following: Apple has been working to integrate Apple Pay into the Mac app store.

We’ve had some success with this in the past, but as you can see in this blog post, this support has not yet been rolled out to all Apple Pay stores.

The spokesperson went on to say that Apple will “continue to iterate on ApplePay as a payment solution” for the Mac in the coming weeks.

With support for all major payment options available for Apple Payment, it’s clear that Apple has some serious support for the service in its app store right now.

Apple has a huge amount of support for payment options, and many customers are happy to pay for things with the help of Apple Pay, even if it means that the credit card card is not accepted.

It’s a huge deal to have that support, especially for those who don’t have a physical Apple Pay wallet, but for those with a Mac, Apple Pay is a great way to pay without the hassle of going to the store.

Featured image credit: Macworld