How do I pronounce jewellery?

By Steve WigglesworthPublished November 02, 2018 12:33:22The word “jewellery” is used to refer to a wide variety of items, but one of the most common uses is the word “anglo” in reference to a British company, Anglo-Australian Jewellers.

The company is famous for its jewellery range, which includes earrings, necklaces, neck bracelets, neck ties, bracelets for the neck and a variety of neck braceles.

But it has a more recent name, Anglo Jewelles Ltd, which is based in Sydney.

The name came to the attention of The ABC last year, when it began to receive enquiries about the company’s trademark.ABC reporter Ben Fritsch asked the company about its trademark application.

“We have a trademark on jewellery.

What’s the term?

And why is it called ‘Anglo Jewels’?”

They don’t have the word ‘Jewels’ in the trademark application, so we sent an email to them and asked them,” a spokeswoman said.”

They did not respond to our enquiries.

“The ABC is not naming the company because it would breach copyright law, but the company has an online presence.”

You can also find the company online and we’re looking to get it registered,” she said.

The ABC has been following the jewellery company for more than a year.

We asked a number of people if they knew what “Jewels” meant, but none of them could identify it.

The spokeswoman said the trademark was a long-standing trademark that the company had used since its founding in 1997.”

As the name has become increasingly generic and used by many other companies, we believe that a name change would be appropriate in line with the changing market,” she added.”

The company has been using the term ‘Anglos’ since it was founded in 1997 and we believe this is a long standing trademark and will continue to be used by the company.

“She said the company was working on the application for a new trademark.

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