The New Yorker says it’s still a big fan of The Sopranos

New Yorker writer Arianna Huffington is still a fan of the HBO show The Sopranses, and she’s even more excited about the new season of the hit show.

“I love The Sopres, and I think it’s an underrated masterpiece,” Huffington told Entertainment Weekly.

“The Sopranes is a very good show, but it’s also a very weird show, and the way it works is so good.

And I love the way the people who made it are working with their own lives, and they’re making it with their eyes on the next thing.”

The Soprans esquered in an era of TV and film noir, but The Soprano has long been hailed for its bleak and gritty depictions of crime and the lives of New York’s elite.

Huffington, who is writing a memoir about her years in New York, also shared her thoughts on the season finale.

“It’s such a strange ending,” she said.

“It’s not what I expected.”

Watch the video above to hear Huffington and co-host Amy Schumer discuss the finale, The Sopreres’ first-ever episode.

Halloween episode of The Walking Dead airs on Oct. 27 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.