‘My eyes are on you’: Krsala’s owner of a diamond shop pleads guilty to fraud

The wife of a jewellery seller in Krsasa, Co Limerick, who allegedly tried to defraud her husband’s jewellery business with forged documents has pleaded guilty to three counts of fraud and is to serve two years in prison.

In the case of Francesca Delgado, 43, she was also found guilty of two counts of embezzlement.

Ms Delgado pleaded guilty at the High Court yesterday and was sentenced to six months in prison suspended for a year.

The case began when Francesca’s husband, Thomas Delgado was working at the Green Stone jewellery shop in Krosa, Co Louth, in the early hours of November 13 last year.

He was a sales associate for Krsa Goldsmiths and was supposed to be a member of the company’s board but had a change of heart and decided to leave the company in protest.

Krsa was one of the world’s biggest gold producers.

Mr Delgado’s wife, who has not been named, was allegedly given false information and forged documents that she claimed to be her husband.

The court heard the forged documents claimed Francesca had been in Krasa for two years and the company had been operating for a long time.

Ms Dolan claimed she had worked in Krusa for six months and that she had been there since 2007.

In an interview with gardaí, Ms Delgado said that on the day of the alleged fraud she went to work at Green Stone with her daughter and granddaughter.

She said the business was going through a restructuring process and that Ms Delga was leaving the company.

She claimed that her husband had told her to tell her boss and the chairman that she would not be joining the company because she did not want to lose money.Ms Ní Cháinghaigh, prosecuting, said the couple bought a number of jewellery items from Green Stone but she said they were not legitimate.

She also said the jewellery was being produced by a company called Krsla Goldsmith.

The defendant also claimed that she bought items for her daughter from the shop.

In court yesterday, Ms Dolan told the court she did work at Krsalla but she had not worked there for six years and had not used any of the items for business.

She denied ever making any false or misleading representations to her husband and the board.

Ms Tracey O’Higgins SC, defending, said Francesca was an honest woman and was not guilty of any of these charges.

Judge Peter Donnelly adjourned the case until next month.