How to buy jewellery online at Bijou, with the help of this guide

Biju and a few other shops in the capital of Bijaguda’s Jharkhand region opened on the 21st of January.

The two shops, located at a junction of the famous road Bijuganjara and Bijaigudur, were among the first to offer a range of affordable jewellery including bracelets, necklaces, neckchains, rings and more.

Bijogadha’s Bijagarhi jewellery shop has been serving customers since the shop’s opening day.

The shop is the oldest in Bijaguardhan, Bijo state, and it is owned by Bijojalu, an employee of the local cooperative that runs the shop.

Bijogadhu’s jewellery store in Bajaur District, Madhya Pradesh is also a well-known jeweler in the state.

Bajurha, the largest city in the region, is home to some of the largest jewellery shops in India.

The shop, which opened in October last year, sells traditional and contemporary jewellery from all over the world.

This is one of the best jewellery stores in the country, said Shilpa Sharma, co-owner of the shop, adding that the staff is always friendly and patient.

The employees have been working in the shop for the past two years and the customers come to buy their traditional and modern jewellery at bargain prices.

The owner of Bajabaguda-based Jharnam jewellery outlet, Bajaguda Bijajia, is also in the business of selling jewellery and accessories.

She said, “I sell a range from traditional and classic to contemporary and modern.”

Bajaji Bijabikaryya, another Bijas jewellery dealer, said, we offer a wide range of products from traditional to contemporary.

He said, The customers are always patient and we always work with them to satisfy their wishes.