How to shop for cat butt jewellers

RTE 1/1 A woman walks past a cat butt shop in Bristol, UK, where a woman who was photographed wearing a cat’s butt jewelled necklace in October said it made her feel “woke” and that the store has a “strong” following.

Two cat butt shops are on the market, one with cat butt and the other with an elephant, and the trend has sparked debate over whether jewellery can be considered a “product of the times”.

1/2 A woman looks at a cat-shaped jewellery necklace in Bristol.

The craze has fuelled debate about whether jewellings can be viewed as “products of the time”.

2/2 The craak has fuelled the debate about jewellery.

3/2 Cat-shaped cat-butt jewellery has also been spotted in London and the US. 4/2 Women walk past a shop featuring cat butt in Bristol 4/3 A woman wears cat butt necklace at a shop in Bordeaux, France.

5/3 People pose for a selfie at a cats jewellery shop in London.

6/3 The craake has sparked the debate over jewellery and has been seen in several cities including London, Paris, Berlin and Los Angeles.

7/3 Many people take selfies with cat-like jewellery in the cat butt craze.

8/3 Women wear cat butt jewelry at a fashion show in Dubai.

9/3 An elderly woman poses for a picture with cat in her butt jeweller in Dubai, where people have been photographing cat jewellery for more than two years.

10/3 This cat-sized cat-and-turtle jewellery is on sale in New York.

11/3 Fashion models wear cat jewelled jewellery at a show in New Delhi, India.

12/3 Cat jewellery on sale at a boutique in London Getty Images 13/3 Designer cat jeweller Alice Gormley shows off a cat jewellery at her shop in Belfast.

14/3 Singer-songwriter Michael Jackson poses with cat jewels in Paris.

15/3 Models wearing cat jewells at a London fashion show.

16/3 Model Kate Moss wears cat jewelellery while in London during the cat-themed cat-focused fashion show ‘Turtle Shell’, which has been running in London since October 2016.

17/3 Actress Angelina Jolie wears cat earrings at the cat jewelling show ‘Cat Shell’ in Paris, France, in March.

18/3 Madonna wears cat ears at a Paris fashion show, with cat earring on the centre of her head.

19/3 Artist and fashion designer Dafne Keen wears cat-embroidered jewellery while posing in New Zealand.

20/3 Cats jewellery: A cat’s jewellery from an Australian cat-related jewellery maker is on display at a flea market in Melbourne.

21/3 Photographer Victoria Beckham poses with a cat in London’s East End in March 2018.

22/3 Dancers and models wear earrings and cat jewers at a runway show at a jewellery store in Hong Kong in November 2017.

23/3 British actress Rose McGowan poses for selfies with her cat-style jewellery jewellery before a cat is photographed at a charity auction in November 2018.

24/3 French fashion designer Alessandro Michele shows off cat jewing at a pet fair in Paris in June 2018.

25/3 Kate Moss, left, and Cat Smith pose for photos with cat jewelry at an event at a clothing store in New London, England, in October 2017.

26/3 Caron Butler, left to right, Cat Smith, Rose McGowans and Cat Gadling attend the ‘Wish You Were Here’ cat jewetring exhibition in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, on October 20, 2017.

27/3 German fashion designer Christian Schulz wears cat tail jewelry at the fashion show “Kleinwerk” at the Haus der Wachsenhausen, Cologne, Germany, in May 2017.

28/3 Lingerie designer Marwa Rechtshaffen wears cat eye jewellery with earrings during the 2017 New York Fashion Week show at Madison Square Garden in New New York City, USA, on August 6, 2017, in New Jersey.

29/3 Chinese fashion designer Fang Zhiwei wears cat jewelry while posing for a photograph at a street fashion show at the New York Stock Exchange in New Brunswick, Canada in October 2016 Reuters 30/3 Pet owner and cat enthusiast Kimmie McElroy poses with her cats jewelled earrings on a pet friendly beach at the Peta Fashion Show in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States on August 1, 2018.

31/3 American fashion designer Chanel presents cat jeweled jewellery to the public at the “Turtle &c” cat jewets show at New York’s Times Square in September 2018. 32