‘It’s time to do something’: Dubai city to build more solar panels

Dubai city authorities are planning to install more solar power stations in an effort to cut air pollution.

Dubai’s new “City Plan 2020” aims to cut pollution by 20 per cent by 2030, from an average of 32.7 micrograms per cubic metre in 2013 to 21.9 microgrames by 2020.

The plan calls for the installation of solar energy systems and energy storage for vehicles and other equipment to help meet the goal.

“The plan includes the introduction of solar power, a large-scale solar park in the city centre, and the construction of more solar parks in other cities in the region,” said Abdul Rahman al-Qassim, the director general of Dubai Electricity Authority (DAEA).

Solar panels are installed to provide energy to electric vehicles at the solar park.

The city plans to install 1.8GW of solar panels and 1GW of storage over the next five years, and aims to reduce air pollution to 50 microgrammes per cubic meter by 2020, from 80 microgramme per cubic cent of 2015 levels.

The aim is to make the city cleaner by 2030 than it was last year.

Dublin’s new plan aims to have 50 per cent of the city’s energy supply come from solar by 2030.

Dubais new city plan aims for 100 per cent solar power by 2030Dubai city officials said they have “fought the last war on air pollution”.

Dubai is the world’s third-largest solar power exporter and the country’s biggest solar manufacturer, supplying the world with around 20GW of the solar panels it uses.

In 2017, Dubai’s mayor, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, launched a plan to invest 1bn dirhams ($24m) in solar power plants and to install 400,000 solar panels by 2020 to meet its 2030 goal of halving air pollution, and halving its greenhouse gas emissions.

Dubas plan calls on the city to install solar energy parks and energy systems to reduce pollution, reduce carbon emissions and support economic growth.

“We are determined to achieve our 2030 target,” said Al-Qasim.

Dubay’s city plan calls, for example, for the city council to install a large solar park, to provide green space for the residents, and for the use of the power from solar energy to provide electricity to other parts of the world.