Indian jewellery set to go on sale on Black Friday with exotic rings

Indian jewellers are set to offer customers a rare opportunity to buy exotic rings on Black Thursday.

The items, which include gems and jewellery made of diamond and rubies, will be available for sale at jewellery stores in India on Thursday.

The jewellery has been produced and sold in India for centuries.

However, India has only recently started exporting its jewellery to the world market.

India has been one of the world’s largest importers of diamonds, making up 10 per cent of global diamond sales, according to the United States Geological Survey.

The gems and rubicks are the most valuable items available for purchase.

They are available in different colors, sizes and shapes and have the same rarity as gold, which has a value of about $1 trillion.

The average value of a ring is around $15,000.

In the past, Indians have been reluctant to buy gems and jewels.

Some of them have been found in the bodies of their dead relatives.

However since 2014, India is seeing an uptick in the number of people purchasing and selling jewellery and gems.

The country’s economy is expected to grow at 6.4 per cent this year.