The Lad Jewellery Shop: New shop names revealed!

The Lad jewellery shop named after one of the world’s oldest Jewish communities is now open in London, according to a new name and new shop listings.

The Lad jewellers has been open for a year and has been selling jewellery in a small shop on St Paul’s Road, on the west of the city.

The shop, called The Lad, has been in the Lad, Southwark and Lambeth boroughs.

A previous owner, who was named The Lad after his father, sold the shop in 2014 and it reopened in the same location.

The new owner is known as The Lad but is not the original owner.

The jewellery shops name, originally known as the Lad Jewellers, has not been changed.

The owner of the jewellery store, The Lad said: “It’s a great name for a shop, and we hope that the new owner will be as happy as the original Lad.

We’re very proud of the new name.”

He added that The Lad has been the shop for about a year.

“The Lad is a local name and a part of our heritage, and it’s very special for us,” he said.

“We’ve never tried to change the name of the shop, but this has been a great opportunity to do that.”

The Lad Jewels website describes the jewellery shop as “a new shop that sells a wide range of handmade jewellery including traditional hand-crafted jewelry, as well as contemporary and fashionable jewellery.”

It also has an online shop where customers can shop for their jewellery.

The old Lad jewelled shop was on St Andrews Street in Southwark, just across the road from the entrance to the National Gallery of Victoria, but was closed in the 1970s.

It was opened again in 2017 and the shop’s original name was The Lad Jewelers.