White Stone Jewelry ‘will not sell’ to jewellery company, says spokesperson

White Stone Jewellery’s spokesperson, Michelle Brown, has defended the company’s position on the issue.

Ms Brown told Business Insider that she could not speak on behalf of White Stone, as the company is not a jewellery supplier to the company.

“We do not sell jewellery,” Ms Brown said.

“This is a matter for White Stone.”

Ms Brown’s comments come after the company said it would not be selling its jewellery to an unnamed company.

White Stone’s website states that it “is committed to the safe and responsible use of its properties and brands”.

The company also said that it would only sell jewelled goods and not those that were “designed for children or for the visually impaired”.

“We are disappointed that a company that has made such an enormous commitment to safety and quality has chosen to take action to halt its sale of its jewelled products,” the company stated.

“The decision to stop selling White Stone jewellery is not about safety or quality, but rather about the company not being able to continue to sell to another business.”

The company has also stated that it was working with the Australian Federal Police to identify the source of the jewellery.

“White Stone will not sell its jewelling to any company, organisation or person, and the company has taken a number of steps to ensure that it will not be a supplier of its products,” White Stone said in a statement.

“There has been no breach of the terms and conditions of our licence.”